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Sindh Islands are territory of Sindh; M. Yousuf Balouch


Muhammad Yousuf Balouch Son of Late Murtaza Balouch visited Awami Press Club Malir where he  spoke to journalists specially and said that Sindh Islands is the territory of Sindh that’s why People’s Party and Sindh Government will not hand over Dingy and Bhandar Islands to Federal any how, biggest district of Karachi is Malir which is forte of PPP, upcoming elections he is also candidate of the place left his father late Murtaza Balouch and will follow the foot steps of father in public service.

He said that social activities which he does actually his father had trained him, he will serve people with out any discrimination of colour, race, at present there is big gape in education at Malir about which he has talked with educational minister and officials so very soon that gape will be filled and all closed schools will be opened and functional within two years.

He said answering a question that Sindh Government is operating all hospitals by the cooperation of HANDs NGO  and he visited Murad Memon hospital couple of day before where he found modern temperament instruments, medicines and other facilities.

He said that it has been heard that district council Karachi’s more than 32 health centers are nonfunctional so he is trying to have all health centers functional at Malir after resolving issues.

He said that after the end of tenure of elected chairmen and councilors in local government all departments have been non functional due to that sanitation and hygiene problems have increased throughout Malir.

He further said that District Council Karachi Administrator and Deputy Commissioner Ghanwar Khan Laghari has quarantined after being affected by Covid19 so after the recovery of his health he will soon perform his duties well.

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