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Fifth Anniversary of Professor Muhammad Rahim Rawlani organizes at Bachal village


Fifth anniversary of Professor Muhammad Rahim Rawlani held at Mehran library of Bachal village Khokhrapar in which political, social leaders and habitants participated in a great number.

On that occasion chief guest in charge of Public Library Javed Mahar tributed late Muhammad Rahim Rawlani and said that he was not only a teacher but also national worker, kind father and education friend who established library at Bachal village which based education, literary and witness, whose village is known as a national forte in Sindh.

He said that it should be learned from Professor Muhammad Rahim that how to establish a library where not only books be studied but also it should be ground of endeavor.

Nepotist Ali Nawaz Butt said in his presidential address and said that during the days when circumstances of Karachi were bad at that time Muhammad Rahim Rawlani performed his services as a teacher but also he secured peoples and their belongings, in the decade of 70 when he moved toward Karachi’s rural areas he found few educated and learned person at that they met with professor Muhammad Rahim and strategied for national struggle but at present old culture has been over in political parties just slogans and show off is left in them which is only for destruction of society.

He further said that now a day feudalists, land owners, chiefs and capitalists are dominant on entire Sindh who are owner of its good and bad and if they become conscientious then now one can dare to take away Sindhs political, social and national rights.

Professor Bedar Jaffrey Said that He was a good friend of Professor Muhammad Rahim and stand with him in every situation, he was not only a teacher but learned man of latif and had too much love with Sindh.

Sindhi Adabi Sangat leader Amin Magsi said that when difficult time comes then not only soldiers fight in battle but also teachers, learnedmen and literates also play their role.

Lateef Rawlani son of Professor Muhammad Rahim Rawlani said that his father was thoughtful and kind, loving person and dutiful teacher so he has learnt much enough from his father’s training.

On that occasion Awami Tehreek leader Rustam Mirani, Senior Journalist Saami Memon, Hamza Pahanwar, Professor Riaz Khaskheli, Ayaz Khaskheli, Former UC Chairman Siddique Shah and others addressed in the program

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