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Bahria Town closes road connecting Kathore with Gadop City


Bahria Town Builder’s personnel closed the road linking Kathore with Gadop City by the help of Bahria Town Security and PS Gadop Police also sent passing area’s people back.

Many villagers of surrounding villages approached on said road and expostulated against Bahria Town management and police.

On that occasion Arbab Gabol, Shafi Muhammad and others told to journalists that police fired over peaceful protest due to that high tension increased.

They further said that said road is oldest entrance of villages on which builder confiscated and closed the road, Bahria Town builder has seized on centuries ago situated villages and now he has started disturbing villagers through closing their roads.

They expressed astonishment and said that Gadop police is supporting builder and made life of villagers heck instead of enlisting their complaint against Bahria Town builder and management .

They warned that if their way is not opened then they will drive protest movement against.

On the other hand Awami Workers Party announced that today they will make journalists and socially aware personalities visit of disturbed villages and will brief them in detail.

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