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Numbers of Grade 18 & 19 Officers of KDA are reportedly not attending their offices


In a shocking revelation, CityNews learned that some top officials of Karachi Development Authority are now reportedly included in the list of ghost employees as some officers of Grade 18 and 19 post are not attending office.

Whereas Secretary KDA including other officials of department are continuously ignoring to take any action against them.

Sources informed that the names of the officers of Karachi Development Authority who are not coming at office are including Grader 19 Officer /Ex Secretary KDA Toufeeq Soomro, Syed Ubaid Ahmed Ex-Director Charged Parking, Director Finance & Accounts Admin Arshad Abbas, Jameel Ahmed, Grade 18 Officer of purchase department, Deputy Secretary KDA including various other officials of the department who are getting salaries and availing other facilities since couple of months without presenting at office.

Moreover on anonymity of name an officer of KDA stated that the department is facing severe financial crisis as the officer rank employees are taking salaries by sitting at home.

He also informed that the said officers are getting highest salaries from the department but Despite of getting salaries and availing all facilities they are not attending office. 

Department should have to take immediate action against all the ghost officials so that the officers who are coming office on daily basis would perform their work with dedication and honesty, he added.

Once upon a time KDA was financially stable department but due to non performance and corruption now the employees and officers of department are deprived of getting monthly salaries from more than two months.

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