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Attack on Hindu Temple in District Badin Sindh


Hindus the biggest minority community in Pakistan is demanding justice for recently vandalized “Shri Rama pir Temple” at Kario Ghanwar area near Badin a southeast Sindh province, Pakistan. 

On 10 October 2020 Muhammad Ismail, resident of the same area attacked the Hindu temple and vandalized the idols of Hindu. After the incident the panic situation occurred among the Hindu community of Kario Ghanwar where a large number of the Kohli Hindu Community resides.  

Ashok Kumar complained and launched First information Report (FIR # 85/2020) against Muhammad Ismail, putting charges of Blasphemy 295A, Pakistan Penal Code which says: “Whoever, with deliberate and malicious intention of outraging the ‘religious feelings of any class of the citizens of Pakistan, by words, either spoken or written, or by visible representations insults the religion or the religious beliefs of that class, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years, or with fine, or with both” at Badin Police Station.

According to Police, they had arrested Muhammad Ismail within a few hours of receiving the complaint for damaging the idols kept in the makeshift temple. The officials also said that they are yet to confirm if he (Ismail) is mentally stable and deliberately destroyed the murtis (idols).”

Meanwhile, Badin Senior Superintendent of Police Shabeer Sethar had sought an inquiry report within 24 hours.

Ms. Seema Maheshwary, a Hindu Human Rights Activist and Member of Vigilance Committee for Human Rights Department Sind, in her comments to AsiaNews has said that it is notable that Hindus a peaceful community constitute the largest minority community in Pakistan, but in Sind region, we are constantly witnessing attacks on the minority Hindus over their faith and Minority girls being raped or forcible converted. The Hindu community has expressed anger and outrage at this attack.

Maheshwary also said that even these attacks were carried on during Pandemic of Covid-19, in the month of August 2020; there was another incident of vandalizing a Hindu Temple of Shiri Hanoman which was built even before Partition of Pakistan, at Lyari, Karachi by a builder aiming to construct a huge plaza. The hindu community had demonstrated and took this in front of Government but nothing took place and they had vandalized it. We need to respect and values each other’s faith and live in peace, and whoever goes against the law must be punished so others may learn the lesson. 

Mrs. Mariyam Kashif Anthony, a Catholic Human Rights activist from Christian community of Karachi has strongly condemned the obliteration of Hindu Temple a place of worship and requested the Government authorities and Judiciary to take strict action against the incident.

Mariyam also reminded that just few days ago a Pakistani Hindu soldier, Heman Das Kohli, got martyrdom in the line of duty while fighting against terrorists in Quetta. Pakistan Army officers offered a moving eulogy to the Hindu officer at his funeral rights and acknowledged the efforts and sacrifices of Kohli which is a beautiful gesture. “We need peace in our country and wish equal rights for all the citizens of Pakistan, and not forget the role of Minorities in protection and well being of our beloved Country” Mariyam said.   

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