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World Mental Health Day Observed in Tharparkar


Mental health is one of the more neglected areas of public health. Every 40 seconds, a person dies by committing suicide.

Decaying mental health not only inflicts self-harm but can also create a slippery slope.

The COVID-19 situation has badly affected the lives of ordinary people due to economic factors, social isolation, bereavement, anxiety and depression and this has an overall effect on productivity which is a vital element at the moment for the country.

This was stated by Founder of Innovative Youth for Change (IYC) at Raj Kumar Asnani in a ceremony held in connection with World Mental Health Day here at Thar Education Alliance Hall, Mithi.

He said the objective of celebrating this day is to raise awareness of mental health issues. Marking this day with the female teachers of public and private schools of Tharparkar is to sensitize them about this serious issue, because mental health is considered a taboo in Pakistan mainly because of the lack of education, and the change agents; schoolteachers can nurture growing cadre with peaceful environment.

However, the ceremony was attended by 40 CFCs of Tharparkar and training was hosted by Raj Kumar Asnani, Beenish Muneer, and Vijay Kumar Sharma they emphasized that Covid-19 had disrupted the education system throughout the world causing severe stress among students, especially females. “We aim to rehabilitate those people who have been mentally affected by Covid-19, particularly students, by training them how to cope with the risky and challenging situation during the pandemic,” speakers, said, adding it was responsibility of social psychologists to help students minimise stress.

Rekha Asnani, a teacher, said those students who did not have access to Internet in this underprivileged area like Tharparkar were deprived of online education during the lockdown, and that was why they were stressed. “Students are in dire need of psychological support and this event proved very helpful for us,” she said.

School Teacher, Pooja Kumari Khatri said the Covid-19 pandemic had serious impact on women whether they were housewives, working women or students because a sense of fear engulfed them when coronavirus swept across the world.

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