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PPP Shaheed Bhutto organize rally to protest against Federal Government Ordinance regarding Islands of Sindh


A protest rally was organized by PPP Shaheed Bhutto against the federal government for capturing islands of Sindh through ordinance. 

From karachi east and district malir leaders and supporters of ppp shaheed bhutto namely Haji Bagan Khaskheli, Comrade Saleem Rajput , Nazir Lashari. Habib Gul , Rauf Bloach, Sleem butt. Tariq siyal , Advocate Wasim Pasha.

Shaheed Bhutto’s leaders other rallies protesters spoke to media personnel against the illegal captured islands of sindh by federal government .

Further more protesters brief the media focal person by dual policy playing local government. 

We are not tolerate this type of action taken by sindh government Whenever judiciary take serious note the cases against Asif Ali zardari Sindh government took some relaxation to federal government in prospect of islands and they are getting control over the area islands of our beloved motherland.

We are telling to both governments federal and sindh governments, we are here to save our lands inch by inch with immediately, in this regard this act should be stopped here either we will increase our approach and protest limitation.

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