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SRSO & Buzrig Dost Organization Pipri arrange rally over Senior Citizens rights


SRSO and Buzrig Dost Organization Pipri held rally regarding international day of senior citizens lead by Asif Sial, Tahira Balouch, I am Bukhsh Gabol, Muhammad Yameen, Shafi Muhammad Hakro, Abdul Rehman Gabol, Hafeez Rehman Bughio, for chairman UC Gulshan Chaudhary Fazal Haq and others here on yesterday.

Rally started from Sindhi Chaok Pipri and reached at National Highway in which SRSO representatives, Buzrig Dost Pipri Organization’s responsibles and workers, seniors citizens, youth Participated in a great number. Rally participants hailed strict slogans for the implementation on 2014 act regarding senior citizen’s rights.

On that occasion lead people addressed rally participants and said that an act was passed in 2014 for the rights of senior citizens which has not been implemented yet due to what seniors citizens have been passing their life lonely and comfortlessly and faced a lots of difficulties in their old age but on the other hand society and governments have not provided them rights and support.

They said that they want to demand regarding international day of senior citizens that act 2014 should be implemented as soon as possible so that seniors citizens be paid their fundamental rights and they enjoy their rights fully and should not raise their hands before others.

They appealed civil society representatives, journalists, Intellectuals literates on this occasion to strengthen their hands to achieve rights and facilities for seniors citizens and asked for mutual efforts for them.

They demanded from government of Sindh to have implementation on senior citizen’s rights act 2014 immediately so that they can survive life without difficulties

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