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Malah Community of Samo village protest for arrest of Usman Malah’s Killers


Malah Community of Samo village organized protest demonstration for the arrest of main killers who killed Usman Malah 5 month ago at Malir Nullah near Samo village led by widow of Usman Malah Gul Bano, Former Councilor Amina Malah, Ali Akbar Malah and others before Awmi Press Club Malir here on yesterday.

On that occasion demonstrators including women and children raised serious slogans for the arrest of main killers and demanded for safety from killers threats.In the respect murdered Usman Malah’s widow Gul Bano Malah spoke to journalists dropping tears from her eyes and told that pathan killers have killed her innocent husband whose main killers Khalil Khan, Shah Jahan, Bilal, Faisal, Sajad and Sabir Pathan are from whom some of them were captured by police and 5 months have been passed but still main killers Khalil and Shah Jahan Pathan have not been arrested yet who have been threatening them to face killing attack if they do not hand off from case.

She said that they have visited PS Shah Lateef Police many times but on every visit police made lame excuses to arrest main killers which shows that police is not interested to arrest them so justice should be affected families as soon as possible.

Former councilor Amina Malah told that fishermen’s organization Amir-ul-Bahar provided advocate namely Ijaz Malah for their legal aid but advocate Ijaz Malah who took 25 thousands from them and after that he compromised with opponent party due to with killers were released on bail.

Ali Akbar Malah said that they are poor and weak and appealed IG Sindh, ADIG Karachi, SSP Malir who didn’t take action regarding matter even political, social organization’s leader visited them for sympathy but didnot support them.

He said killers are threatening him to kill if case is not dismissed.Malah community protesters appealed Sindh Government including police officials for the arrest of Usman Malah and for the cancelation of killers bail.

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