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Rally organized against Drugs Selling & its Usage in Malir


A protest rally setup against drugs selling and its usage at Dumloti 8 led by Tariq Aziz Balouch، , Hanif Dil Murad, Amar Gul, Sarwar, Javed Balouch and others here on yesterday in which political social workers and inhabitants participated immensely.

Rally started from Dumloti 8 and passed through Darsana Channa, Kathore, Dumloti and others areas where rally participants raised strick mottos against drugs dealing and its usage holding banners and play cards in their hands.

On that occasion led people Tariq Aziz Balouch, Hanif Dil Murad and others addressed rally participants and said that awareness campaign against drugs is being by rallies and demonstrations but police and district administration have started artificial actions against drug dealing and its usage in order to make safe and secure drugs dealers.

They said that deliberately youth of Malir is being pushed into destruction after making them hectic of intoxication in the city of lights and deprived them from education so that youth of Malir should not the part in the prosperity, welfare and development of country and its nation but against of which Malir’s youth have declared war against drugs dealing and its usage after suffering a lot.

They said that people of Malir has refrained from drugs usage and they have started advising others to avoid from intoxication and very soon drugs dealing and its usage will be ended from.

They said that they have been getting triumph in the campaign against drugs and soon drugs will be no more in Malir.

They further said everyday drugs dealing and drugs dealers are being strong and Malir has become their business spot where they easily have drugs dealing because their is no one who can stop them.

They said if social and political leaders, law enforcement agencies will work sincerely against drugs then it may end in Malir they promised to continue their struggle till the end of drugs.

who are already He demanded from provincial and federal government to take action against drugs and those elements whose hands are used to spread drugs in Malir.

On that occasion professor Amar Gul, Sarwar Balouch, Javed Balouch and others also addressed rally participants

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