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Bahria Town Personnel raids on Ali Muhammad Gabol village at Gadop


Bahria Town Management attacked on Ali Muhammad village at Gadop with eqquiped personnel and heavy machinery and ruined many houses of villagers and occupied on 30 acres land forcibly but no any Malir representative and MNA or MPA came for moral support of villagers due to that villagers became fed up, frustrated and started migrating towards safe areas.

Villagers came out from their houses including children and women in a great number and hindered against raid of Bahria Town Management and its personnel and laid down before gigantic machinery.

Bahria Town armed personnel fired on them due to what men and women became seriously injured. Bahria Town Management took back step due to strick reaction by villagers.

In this regards villagers Deen Muhammad Gabol, Mehboob Gabol, Haji Ashraf, Muhammad Moosa, Muhammad Essa and others told journalists that Behria Town Management has attacked on them abruptly when men of village had gone to job just children and women were present who informed men about the attack so men reached and impeded against Bahria Town personnel and heavy machinery with women and children cause of what Bahria personnel started firing on them and tortured women and children.

They told that builders have been threatening them to vacate village land for them so villagers have decided that what may happens they will not leave the land which belongs to them legally.

They said that Bahria Town Management has made plan to vacate all surrounding villages so its personnel have been raiding on Depar Goondar, Ali Dad and many other villages and now they have kicked off attacking on Ali Muhammad Gabol village at Gadop.

They appealed from Government of Sindh and Malir representatives to visit their village and save villagers from injustice and cruelty of Bahria Town

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