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PTI legislators demands for assets declaration of CM Sindh Advisors


PTI legislators Arsalan Taj and Rabia Azfar Nizami in the Provincial Assembly of Sindh submitted two critical amendment bills related to the assets declaration by Special Assistants and Advisors to Chief Minister Sindh.

It is proposed in the amendment bill to make it mandatory for the Advisors and Special Assistants appointed by CM in Sindh to declare their assets at the time of appointment followed by every tax year.

While addressing to the press MP Arsalan Taj said that accountability and transparency are the two cornerstones of good governance.

He also added that according to the Article 19A of the Constitution of Pakistan, it is the fundamental right fbthe public to have access to information in all matters of public interest, hence declaration of assets shall be made mandatory.

The proposed amendment bill also defines the salary and allowances as per certain standard, current the act empowers the Chief Minsiter of Sindh to determine the salary and allowances for his advisors and special assistant.

There should be a prescibed way and the amendment addresses that, said MPA Rabia Azfar MPA Rabia Azfar state that we have seen those rejected by the people in general elections have been compensated by giving them riles of Special Assistants and Advisors. This should be stopped.

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