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By: Sajjad Solangi

After writing this , I may be treated in my fraternity as Haleem Brohi, mostly disliked, unrecognised and  a nonconformist,among the Sindhi writers and scholars.

Though, Haleem was an ardent critic over Sindhi Writers and Scholars. Hardly ever witnessed to call a commemoration, tribute or seminar on his life, work and services to his field.     

Yesterday, I visited High Courts Sindh library which is also known as Bird Wood Law Library: a sophisticated place to study and research in the field of law , equipped with all facilities along with more than fifty thousand books to quench the thirst of legal knowledge.       

I frequently visit this place whenever I seek the case laws, settled precedents/judgements of superior courts.  Mostly, at this place;  I have seen senior lawyers and young students of law  who are  about to embark on their journey  and have opted this field as their career. but very few middle age professionals from whom i could have sought inspiration.       

However, the library is a place where a person can find pin drop silence, a soothing mental environment to confine all senses over the fruitful study. ironically, here all seems antithetical to the norms and standards of a library. Apathy is that the most senior lawyers are usually seen busy in gossip, attending unsilenced phone calls, running their professional affairs. It was an awful and flabbergasting  feeling for the readers when a lady lawyer entered the library, distributing her election campaign cards and uttering the words “My card is expensive”.

Meanwhile, she responded to an unsilenced phone call and blatantly turned on the speaker of the phone. While wandering here and there she perturbed the  entire environment more than two minutes. The same is also routine and custom at Karachi Bar Association”s Library.      

On the other hand , a young student of law , preparing for the exam of LAW GAT, dared to ask a young lawyer for keeping silence, however , each table is embellished with ornamental pieces indicating to keep silence.

Flagrantly, the young student was given a shut up call and humiliated on the pretext that he is not entitled to instruct and direct seniors for maintaining the protocols of the library.

Paradoxically, this is the season of Bar Politics , the election of Sindh Bar Council has been announced which will be held on 28th of November, around the respective bars simultaneously. More than twenty two thousand registered lawyers will vote for their desired candidates across the province. 

The election campaigns of the candidates of  different groups are on the rife. The only lip service being provided to the voters is a so-called welfare of the young lawyers and false hopes of alleviating the plight of newcomers.

Hardly anyone is found who came up with the agenda and manifesto of the ethical and moral upbringing of this fraternity. systematically,by holding seminars , conferences, sessions and symposiums for inculcating the ethical and moral values in the minds of professionals.

The recent attack by a mob of lawyers on a hospital in Lahore,  maligned the entire fraternity throughout the country.

Similarly, the rest of the society implicates the community at large,  The episodes of hooliganism,and vandalism by a few individual lawyers within the courtrooms or premises of courts or even outside causes disparage and libel to the entire profession. 

The acts and omissions of a few individuals wearing black coats ought not be the metric for establishing any concept for the entire community. 

Hence, the Honorary Secretary of the Bride Wood library of the High Court of  Sindh and office bearers of the High Court Bar Association and Karachi Bar association are humbly urged to overhaul the situation and cater the dearth of discipline and protocols of a library among professionals of all ages. however, this would enhance the standard of this noble profession.

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