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Rally against narcotics selling & it’s usage in Gadop


Protest rally against drugs set up at Gabol stop Gadop led by Tariq Aziz Balouch, Rafiq Darakhshan, Zafar Hameed, PT I Malir President Qadir Bukhsh Kalmaty, PPP Leader Yousuf Balouch and others here on yesterday in which area’s social, political workers and residents participated in a great number.

Demonstrators were holding banners and play cards in their hands and raised strick slogans against drugs, its selling and usage and they reached Gabol stop crossing Konkar Bandeja stand and others different areas in the shape of march.

PTI Malir president Qadir Bukhsh Kalmaty took promise from youth that they will refrain from narcotics, pilfering and gutka and will not adopt them.

He said that Malir police and elected representatives have been flopped controlling on drugs selling and its usage that’s why there are factories of narcotics and gutka and administration has started just busting intoxicated people instead of taking action against powerful narcotics dealers and factories where narcotics is made.

PPP leader Yousuf Balouch addressed and said that administration is not sincere to get rid of narcotics but youth of Malir is on the roads against drugs and a hope is arised that young people will take good role against drugs and its ending.

On that occasion Tariq Aziz Balouch, Rukhman Palari, Amar Gul, Hanif Dil Murad and others addressed to protest rally participants

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