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People of Hashim Khaskheli village protest for fundamental facilities


Habitants of thickly populated Hashim Khaskheli village UC Malh set up protest march over shortage of water, electricity and other fundamental facilities led by A K Younus Khaskheli, Zubair Bapro, Khan Muhammad Barecho, Faqir Abdul Waheed, Khan Muhammad Bandejo, Abdul Ghafoor Zargari and others here on yesterday.

Protest march commenced from Hashim Khaskheli and reached at Awami Press Club Malir passing many mohalas, roads and corners where protest march participants hailed severe slogans against ice factory owner holding play cards and banner in their hands.

On that occasion lead social leader AK Younus Khaskheli talked with journalists regarding remonstratining that Hashim Khaskheli and surrounding more than 5 villages and mohalas water supply scheme provide water from where private factory owner has connected water supply motor illegally to take round o’clock water for his ice factory by the help of influential people due to what water shortage issue has occurred in Hashim Khaskheli and other villages.

He further told that when villagers expostulated against factory owner then MNA Jam Abdul Karim Jokhio and MPA Sajid Jokhio approached to Hashim Khaskheli village where they fully supported factory owner and got connected motor illegally and promised with villagers that factory owner will take few hours in a day but now factory owner has broken rules and started taking water for his ice factory 24 hours.

He further said that they are very astonished to see their representatives and local heads busy in the support of factory owner instead of resolving the water, electricity and other fundamental issues of Hashim Khaskheli and other villages.

He proclaimed that if factory owner is provided legal connection by Water Board in order to end stealing water of villagers then they will become to have millions march from Hashim Khaskheli village towards Chief Minister House 

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