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Role of female teachers in girls education


By: Shere Azam

Women make up more than half of the country’s population and very few are involved in any kind of economic activity, the proportion of female teachers in the population can play an important role in bringing more girls to education by eliminating gender segregation in the society.

That is why in most families only a few fields are allowed to be selected as soon as the girl is sent to school and one of them is teaching.Most people think that women who belong to this field fail in other fields. This is mainly due to the gentle attitude of women and the satisfaction of the parents of the girls towards the female teachers.

In Sindh and Baluchistan, it was common for girls to be barred from going to school But now there is a lot of awareness among the people and they send their daughters to school for education.

Most of the parents choose the schools where there are female teachers. According to the parents, “the main reason is that the parents trust the female teachers. It’s because now the environment is like that, we don’t believe in male teachers so much”.

Compared to other fields more women are involved in the teaching profession, due to which women are more likely to be involved in gender discrimination and harassment in this field, as well as the law of non-harassment in Pakistan has been enacted under which the state has allocated compensation and punishment for men who harass women, including dismissal.

Every private and public institution is also responsible for enforcing this law. But despite this, women often do not go to any institution to save their reputation and resign in such cases.

As Science Fuse is always on the forefront for the promotion of education and there is a series of webinars on various topics of education. On this occasion, a webinar on the role of female teachers in girl’s education was recently held, according to participants Female teachers in Pakistan face various barriers in their profession including mobility, safety and lack of availability of substitutes.

However, the school closures during covid-19 added creating distance learning materials to their challenges. Nawal Zahra, Teach for Pakistan fellow shared her experience of teaching in a Government school in Islamabad and how she kept students engaged in learning via WhatsApp. She reported that, “ reaching out to our students was the biggest challenge as only 40% of students had access to a digital device and some students then had to leave for their ancestral village with their parents due to lack of work” .

Despite these challenges she and her fellow teachers worked hard during the pandemic to engage with their students through consistent phone calls and also involved the community mosques to distribute learning materials to their students. Ms. Baela Raza also mentioned ITA’s Corona Saviors Platform to assist teachers to create digital learning resources. She further elaborated that, “ technology has given a new meaning to learning and created new learning cadre”.

According to my opinion there are many reasons why women come to schools as teachers. A large number of young girls join these schools after graduation. Not only salaries and benefits but also training sessions and refresher courses for female teachers in private schools are severely lacking due to the new teaching techniques these female teachers are somewhat unfamiliar.

According to a survey, one-third of Pakistan’s population uses private schools. On the other hand, government schools lack basic facilities due to non-upgrading.

Most government schools in backward areas are either closed or understaffed due to the lack of a formal education system. Most of female teachers in private schools say they are dissatisfied with security, salaries and other benefits, while many schools do not pay salaries during the summer holidays.

It is a fact that female teachers are not only intelligent but also hardworking. And at school they are doing well with their students.

Through their tireless efforts, their students are making a name for themselves in every sphere of life, be it political, literary, business, health, education, sports, not only for themselves but also for their country, but call it our misfortune that in our society female teachers are not given the respect what they deserve.

While today’s woman is considered a symbol of delicacy, she is also called a metaphor of oppression. On the one hand, she is chained in the chains of deprivation, on the other hand, she has the right to a higher status.

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