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PSF would thwart conspiracy of those who want to erase name of Karachi;Atta ur Rehman


Dr. Ata-ur-Rehman, former president of People’s Students Federation Urdu University Abdul Haq Campus and leader of Karachi division, in his condemnatory statement said that some miscreants have come down from the SPSF organizational platform on the basis of constant hatred and prejudice.

In the past we have raised the bodies of our martyrs and we fought the pharaohs of Zia Mardood in every possible way.

He added that if it comes to the sacrifices of PSF Karachi Division or our martyrs.

We will give a full answer. The conspiratorial elements of SPSF should correct their qiblah. If this act of nationalism and bigotry is not stopped, then we will ensure our strategy.

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