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Revenue Staff, Anti-encroachment and Bahria management raid over Ali Dad Gabol village


Revenue Development, Anti-encroachment and Bahria management raided over Ali Dad Gabol village at Gadop with troops of police and heavy and gigantic machinery and removed constructive places and madrisa here on yesterday.

According to the villagers police personnel disrespected Holy Quran and threw it on the ground. Villagers gathered on the spot and resisted to attackers and laid before gigantic and heavy bulldozers.

On the time of villagers resistance police personnel started lathi charge cause of what head of village Bashir Gabol became injured after that situation became seriously worsed.

Due to the continuous resistance and reaching other villages people management got back it self understanding situation bad.In this regards villagers talked with journalists and told that their Ali Dad Gabol village oldest village of Karachi and they have documents of it but Behria Town Management want to confiscate forcibly and displace them.

They appealed civil society, social and political representatives and humantarian organizations for moral and legal support.

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