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Central Jail Karachi facing severe shortage of Staff & Overcrowded with Prisoners


In a shocking revelation, city news learned that Central Jail Karachi is facing a severe shortage of staff and the numbers of prisoners are also excess as compare to the available capacity. 

It was revealed that the various important positions in Central Jail are vacant which includes the post of Senior Medical Officer, Psychiatrist, Sub inspector, Additional Superintendent, Assistant Director, Lady Assistant Superintendent, Manager Software, Computer instructor, Generator Operator, Bugler, Carpenter Master, Plumber, and Tailor Master. 

On the anonymity of name, Central Jail Official informed that the Superintendent of Central Jail has requested the top officials several times via letters to fill the vacant posts or reduce the number of prisoners as the sanctioned post of 689 staff was for 2400 prisoners in which only 378 strength available which is also a security risk for jail as numbers of terrorists are also in this Prison. 

Source confirmed that there are 689 sanctioned strength of staff including officers in Central Jail but only 378 Total working strength available in which at least 50 constables are performing duties with DIG including different officials on the field and at their homes.  

Jail Official added that an estimated 300 Staff is performing duty for 3500 prisoners which is a burden on jail staff and the security risk for Central Jail as it is located in the center of the city and one of the most important jail of province because numbers of terrorists are in this jail.  

On the other hand, more than one thousand prisoners are excess in central jail as sources informed that there is space for 2400 inmates but approximately 3500 prisoners are in jail now due to which Central Jail staff is facing multiple issues. 

An Officer of Central Jail on the anonymity of name stated that, there are a total of 311 working strength of different positions are vacant which includes 253 constables, 14 Senior Prison Constables, Five Senior clerks, Six Computer Operator, Five Junior Clerk, One Dispenser, One Bugler, Two Head Constable, One Lady Head Constable, One Primary Teacher, One Carpenter Master, One Electrician, Four Lady Prison Constable, and Six Sweeper. 

Moreover, City News got the information of present staff in Central Jail according to the document which we got from the source there is 498 sanctioned strength of constable in which 253 working strength available and reportedly around 50 constables are performing duties with and at the houses of Jail Department top officials. 

Due to the acute shortage of constables in Prison one constable is performing duty of three constables on the barrack and they are performing duty more than the given time.

However, only three Senior Prison Constable are performing duties in central jail which is very less in numbers as the sanctioned strength of senior constables are seventeen. 

Whereas Central Jail Karachi is also facing a shortage of Computer Operator and Junior Clerk, as five seats of junior clerk vacant as compare to the total sanctioned post which is seven. Similarly, Six positions of Computer Operators are vacant as total nine working strength of the said post sanctioned and only three are working now. 

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