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Family of Old Thana crys out against PS Murad Memon Police injustice


Resident of Old Thana Bashir Ahmed Khaskheli held press conference at Awami Press Club Malir Murad Memon village with his wife Rukhsana Bashir and others here on yesterday.

He said that domestic issues are between him and his brother Nazir Ahmed Khaskheli about which he brought his complaint at PS Murad Memon village where ASI Jan Muhammad tortured him instead of listening complaint and when his wife interrupted and strived to stop him then constable also tortured his wife but people who were present at that time saved her.He blamed that mentioned ASI has got registered fabricated cases on the saying of his brother Nazir Ahmed against which he is facing court.

He said that police work is to take right path and be fairful.

Woman Rukhsana Khaskheli talked and said that police role should be importial and have justice but ASI Jan Muhammad became partial and assaulted her and, there is now one who can stop him from torture.She further police has disgraced them in place of taking their complaint so she should be provided just.

They appealed ADIG Karachi, SSP Malir and other concerned officers to dismiss PS Murad Memon’s rougue and wanton officer Jan Muhammad and have enquiry against him

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