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Quaids Pakistan vs This Pakistan


Quaid e Azam Muhammad AIi Jinnah stood up for the rights and the freedom of the Muslims by making the dream of Allama Iqbal coming true of a separate home land a place where not just Muslims but even the minorities will have all the freedom.

During the struggle for independence Quaid’s sister, Fatima Jinnah- The mother of the Nation was along.

He not just said but implemented his words that “No nation can reach the height of glory unless its women are side by side with men.” Today on his 72nd death anniversary we have forgotten Quaids teachings and have been deviated from the path.

As a nation, We may have produced the most inspiring and empowering women in Pakistan, Sharmeen Obbaid Chinnoy- An Oscar winner documentary film maker, Asma Jehangir- A human rights lawyer and activist, Maleeha Lodhi- Former representative of Pakistan in UN and countless other examples.

Today every woman is afraid, fear holds them as they leave their home for work to fight with others for their rights is secondary.

First, they have to fight within themselves. The story of rape is not new may be a different survivor than Khadija Siddiqui and Mukhtara Mai.

A woman gang raped on the Lahore motorway in front of her children has left us broken into pieces and on that the remarks of Umer Sheikh CCPO- Capital city police officer blaming the victim has left us in shock.

In order to gain Quaids Pakistan back we must remember his teachings, his lessons and never let the legacy of Quaid to die.

Together we must rise and stand up for every woman!

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