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Aasoo village people organize protest rally against seize on sports ground


Villagers of Aasoo village set up protest rally over possession on football ground including political, social representatives and sportsmen in a great number at Aasoo village here on yesterday.

Protest rally was led by Gulzar Balouch, Munir Qamar, Faisal Murad, Muhammad Zahid, Naseer Ahmed, Khalil Ahmed and others which started from Aasoo village to Raza market.

Demonstrators hailed strict slogans against land mafia and occupiers holding banners and play cards in their hands.

On that occasion lead people addressed to rally participants and said that villagers have been inhibited to play in the ground by Administration of Bachat Bazaar.

They demanded that Bazaar should be displaced from sports ground and keep the ground be restored into its original shape.

On the other hand DC Malir and People’s Party MPA Saleem Balouch took notice of protest rally and reached to get facts and figures regarding confiscation over sports ground.

MPA Salam Balouch assured sportsmen and villagers that occupation on sports ground of Aasoo village will be removed any how.

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