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First Hindu Girl from Pakistan receives Gold Medal in International Competition


Barkha Ramesh Kolhi from Sindh Pakistan received Gold Medal as she won In International Competition as a Coaches Competition of Ecuador Taekwondo Federation, Ecuador.

Participant as Pakistan Social Centre Sharjah Athlete, Coach Laiba Muhammad from Pakistan also won three Gold Medals and Isra Musa from Morocco resident of Al Ain also won International Gold Medal as of participant Athlete Pakistan Social Centre Sharjah UAE.

Barka Kolha was born on October 16, 1997 in village Sodh Kolhi Badin District of Sindh . She has also learned other skills along with her education, such as professional sewing designer, professional beauty parlor work.
Barka Kolha received her elementary education in Badin from St. Paul’s School and completed her third grade shift with her family in Karachi, where she continued her education from fourth to eighth grade at BYJ Government School and always attended school.

The position is a holder after the ninth and matriculation was obtained from The Educators School Campus . she done intermediet form Govt. Girls College PIB Colony Karachi.

When Barka’s family shifted to Karachi and started their education,she joined Kung Fu club .

her father Baraka and his two brothers also enrolled in Kung Fu club.The first 1. white belt found, and year after year 2. yellow white stripe belt, like so every year, green belt, blue belt, red belt black.

President of Pakistan Social Centre Sharjah Khalid Hussain Chaudhry, General Secretary Chaudhry Iftikhar Ahmed, Sports Secretary Imran Saab, Grand Master Zeyad Hammad Abu Zahieh UAE Taekwondo Federation, Technical Committee Member Kukkiwon Advisory Committee Member world Taekwondo HQ. 

New Athletes who are promoted to new belts and Cups, Miss. Sarah Salman Sheikh from Pakistan promoted to Green to Blue double promotion with Gold Medal.

Brahmudate Binu Raj from India promoted to Blue belt and Cup with excellent performance got double promotion and gold medal, Muhammad Tanveer Tahir from India promoted to Sr.Green belt and Cup, Huzaifa Anjum from Pakistan promoted to Sr.Green Belt and Cup, and gold medal, Rithvik Vineeth promoted Sr Yellow and Cup with gold medal, Shiza Salman Sheikh promoted to Yellow belt and Cup with gold medal the youngest Taekwondo star of Pakistan Social Centre Sharjah.

Barka also received 5 gold medals, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals for the first time. also received 5 gold medals , 2 silver, 2 Bronze and some other achievements. 

1. 24th Quad e Azam open schools & Inter Club Taekwondo Karachi championship 2017
2. BPS Bushi Ban Power Summit Karachi championship 2017
3. 9th KCTA intercity Taekwondo championship karachi 2015
4. 9th Quad e Azam open schools & Inter Club Taekwondo Karachi championship 2011
5. Defence Day Peace Martial art festival Karachi 2016

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