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Rains & Flood affectees look forward for relief and support


People of Malah Community has got sanctuary at primary school of Dur Muhammad village UC Darsana Channa after being affected by heavy rains and flood where they have set up temporary camp.

14 days have been passed but ruling class, elected representatives, wealthy people and humanitarian have not approached them for relief and help even media has covered those disturbed areas which were on road side.

In this respect journalists of Awami Press Club Malir came at them to reduce their pains, woes, difficulties, loneliness, disappointment and passed entire day with them where PTI leader Qadir Bukhsh Kalmaty, HANDS Khalil Wadelo, social worker Tariq Aziz joined journalists.

On that occasion affected women, children, old ages and young people shared their bitter and painful experiences during rains and flood destructions.

Mai Amina, Mai Bachal and others told with teary eyes that when heavy rain fell they thought it will go for 1 or 2 hour but it rained the whole day of 26 August and increased the pressure of water flow in Malir stream which became cause of ruining their houses and village, they hardly managed to save their children and their lives and reached at mound of sand top from where they viewed the destruction of their houses and everything which they had earned from  years and their hearts were just crying on that situation being unable to secure their stuff.

They further told sobbing that it took long to pass a day and when night came Dur Muhammad village people approached and got them out from water through tethers, water washed away every thing they had in their houses and left them helpless, homeless and hopeless.

They said that they are in camp at Primary School of Dur Muhammad since 27 August where no one has come from ruling side, NGO and not even any wealth and generous for the relief, they are just provided rice for eating at camp beyond all life needs.

They said that they need clothes to cover their bare heads, utensils and articles of cooking and blankets.

Ramzan Malah said that they had been living on the bank of Malir stream where they completed their life requisitions hardly and they were living from hand to mouth, no any of them is educated and studied in school of madrrisa.

Head of Malah Community Muhammad Urs Malah also talked with APCM Journalists and said that they have not been provided safe place for living in Malir from their 50 years where they can nurture their children and get them educated, they need no charity or begging but a piece of land for settlement.

On that occasion PTI leader Qadir Bukhsh Kalmaty Balouch talked and assured flood and rains victims that he will meet and discuss his leadership and DC Malir and will go through fire and water to provide them a piece of land to live

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