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Imran Khan announced a special package for Karachi


Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced  a package of Rs 11 billion for Karachi’s improvement in which both the federal and provincial governments will fully cooperate.

On this special visit to Karachi, the Prime Minister addressed conference with Sindh Governor Imran Ismail and Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah after the special meeting on measures for the city.

The Prime Minister said that a committee should be set up immediately after Corona’s outbreak, and that hub immediate action was taken on the Makar issue and now it has decided to tackle the flood situation all over the country.

He said that the decision was taken due to the problems caused by the rain in Karachi and all other issues should be resolved quickly.
“As far as the plans are announced, it is our endeavor to complete the first phase in one year and all other phases in 3 years,” he said.

Monitoring of PCIC projects:
The Prime Minister announced that whatever decision will be taken now will be overseen by the Provincial Coordination and Implementation Committee (PCIC).

He said that I would be coming to Karachi soon but we had to give a structure to implement decisions like corona virus which would work under the chief minister of Sindh.

He said that all the stakeholders are included in the committee while the Pak army has such a big role as we will need the army on the issue of flood and sanitation.

He added that whenever there is such a natural calamity in the world, the army is at the forefront because it is the most organized and has the highest potential.

He said that with PCIC the decision would be easy and the concessions would be ended and the actual item would be implemented as the plans would be made but would be implemented.

The Prime Minister said that Karachi has jurisdiction over various institutions, where there are cantonments, where the federal government, the railways and the provincial government, which had difficulty in implementation but now all the stakeholders in the PCIC gather.

The Prime Minister expressed the hope that the people of Karachi who are having a difficult time will come face to face with the problem that those issues under suspension will be resolved.

Projects included in Karachi package:
Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the package that you have brought for Karachi is a historic package in which both the federal and provincial governments are cooperating.

Recalling the issues resolved under the package, the Prime Minister said that Karachi’s oldest issue is a water issue and now it has been decided that the component part of the project is provincial while the second part will take the federal government and complete it as soon as possible.

Therefore, the problem of Karachi water will be permanently resolved in next 3 years.

He said that the other issue is the names where there are boundaries and poor people are staying, so the NDMC is clearing the names while Sindh government is responsible for providing alternative places for the people living there.

The Prime Minister said that there is a major problem of sewerage system in Karachi which decided that the problem of sewerage system in the package of Rs. A new system will be added to solve the problem.

Referring to the problem of transport, he said that Karachi’s circular railway would be completed in this package and various road problems would be solved.

The flood problem will be faced with the following:
The Prime Minister said that most people have been affected due to floods and other areas of Sindh will also have stories to help. Likewise floods have occurred in Balochistan and KP, Allah has taken us through various tests this year including corona virus.

He said that in India the torment has come due to Corona. His economy is under control and cases are taking up and our situation is the same. No country should ever get out of it like that.
The Prime Minister said that the main reason for improving the situation in Corona was to support everyone and now on the village we have decided to make such a joint effort.

PM visits Karachi:
Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan today reached at Sindh’s main city and the economic hub Karachi, where Sindh Governor and Federal Minister for Planning, Asad Omar welcomed him, as well as all information minister Shabley Faraz and Amir Mahmood Kayani also arrived in Karachi.
After arriving in Karachi, the Prime Minister reviewed the city’s air by helicopter and later chaired a high level meeting.

According to a statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office, the meeting was attended by Federal Minister Shibli Faraz, Asad Omar, Syed Ali Zaidi, Aminul Haq, Governor Sindh Imran Ismail, Corps Commander Lieutenant General Humayun Aziz, DGSPR Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed, Sindh Chief Minister. Apart from Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, provincial ministers Saeed Ghani, Nasir Shah and senior officials attended.

Prime Minister gave detailed briefing regarding Karachi Transformation Plan;
The Prime Minister said that Karachi is the most important city and economic hub of Pakistan. The solution to this problem is possible with a joint venture. The Prime Minister said that I am happy that all the partners are present to resolve the problems of Karachi, the Federal Government, the Pakistan Army and other Sindh provincial government ministers.

The Prime Minister apprised of all possible help from the wind federation to fulfil the recent losses in Karachi and announced plans for Karachi in the news briefing.

Later, the Prime Minister met a high level delegation of traders at Governor House to discuss problems of traders and resolve them.
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