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DUHS principal urges Sindh Govt to return hostel to students


On 03 september 2020 out side of Karachi Press Club ”crowd of students of DUHS came from areas that have been deliberately deprived of development and good quality educational facilities”.

Students said ‘we don’t have good medical edcational institutions in our remote areas that’s why we found our futures in Karachi.

we can say the doctors are the supporative actors of this country, especially in the wake of the ongoing pandemic.

Despite that, instead of encouraging us and supporting our education, the government is placing further hurdles and difficulties in our education.

Students living in DUHS Boys’ Hostel have been protesting for weeks against the notification of the Sindh Government that hands over their hostel buildings to the Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (IPMR).

Historically, the university has been allocated three hostels for its students.

Protestors demands to take immediate action to end the illegal occupation of all three DUHS Boys’ Hostel buildings by IPMR with complete restoration and all basic facilities provided in accordance with the PMDC rules.Today Principal of DUHS Prof Amajad Siraj Memon wrote a application to Secretry of Health and Cheif Minister of Sindh.With the accordance of Provisional Assembly of Sindh ACT.

The Sindh Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilition ACT 2019, Sindh Act No 06 of 2020. ”All properties rights and intrest of whatever kind property and used enjoyed possessed owned or vested in or held in trust persons by the Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilition DUHS Karachi, all legally subsisting againist it shal stand transferred to the Institute on 11 th July 2020”.

The DUHS used to be in possession of Three 03 Boys’ Hostel buildings from the time of inception DUHS.

As you are well aware that there are some seats in DMC which are filled by top ment holders of Peopels Medical College Nawabshah, LUMHS Jamshoro and Chandka Medical College Larkana allowed by the parliment ensure batter quality medical education to the students of rural areas.

Previous adminstration vacated those Hostels and estabilished Institute of Physical and Medical Rehabilition in two 02 buildings and another new building was constructed within the boundry walls of Hostel complex.

Eviction from hostels created a majjor issues for the students who protested. The third hostel is in dilapidate condition in a heritage building reguliring renovating by the heritage department.

Student living in a very consgested condition because of over crowding to an extent that a single room is being used by on 4 to 5 students due to lake avialablity of other rooms.

The students protested and brought there issues on social media and also approached to president.

According to the PMDC policy 2011 to the total male students strength has to me provided with hostel accommodation.

Therefore the hostel buildings should be reallocated to is original possition of being only hostel of medical students of DUHS.I FIND IT VERY DISTRUBING AS Recently a group of students from various parts of rurals areas of Sindh, told me that despite having percentage of marit they are thinking of not joining DUHS.

Becuase they are aware now that hostel accommodation is not avialable for them.

The abolishmentt of hostel accommodation in now showing its effects on the students population and its time that the govermment should take some measures to provide hostel accomadation to students belonging to rural areas.

The failures to do so will mean impingement of basic human rights of the people of rural area of Sindh.

It would be a disater for students of rural area who will be unable to study in the prestigious institutions on the account of lake of avialbilty of hostel accommodation in DMC Karachi.

It’s humbly requested that ”all hostels belonging to DMC should be returned to the college so that they can be used as hostel as was can the past”.

  1. Vicky Goyal says

    Dear Ravi, I always like to read your articles and you are doing such a great job for human welfare, please also write about private hostels too, as the people like me can get benefit. We bachelors face many difficulties during accommodations at Karachi.

  2. Jagdesh Khatri says

    Nice & prompt information/news.

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