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Three Girls drowned into deep water in Malir


Two girls 12-year-old Shahzadi D/O Niaz and 10-year-old Memona D/O Akbar Balouch residents of Ghaghar drowned into deep water due to foot slip and died away whose dead bodies were taken out from water by local people and sent them towards Jinnah Hospital on an immediate basis where doctors confirmed their death.

According to the eye witnesses said girls Shahzadi and Memona had gone to wash clothes and fell into deep water cause of foot slip.
According to relatives private cement factory has dug many drenches deeply in order to have sand and rain filled all those drenches cause of what they have become dangerous.

They further revealed that those dug pits have taken many human lives before it but the administration has taken no action even not any notice against indulged.

On the other hand 3 days before 5 year old child Nadia D/O Sheral Khan Magsi had drowned into Malir Nadi and serious injured who could not bear pain of injuries and died at hospital during treatment

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