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let’s draw a smile on poor families faces together!


By :Zaheer Ahmed Banglani

There is no doubt that our country can advance by building infrastructure, encouraging industrialisation, achieving socio-economic equality and improving the standard of living amongst its citizens.

In this regard, Non-Governmental Organisations play a key role in filling the gaps between the fundamental rights of grassroot communities. 

NGOs are  Going right in the middle of the communities and through insightful research, NGOs can ensure that the poorest of the poor in our Country Islamic Republic of Pakistan get to experience sustainable growth and get a bit relief in their domestic shores.

NGOs like Fast Rural Development Program (FRDP)  play a vital role in shaping the future of the country. society for generations to come.

Over the past Thirteen years, with their rich expertise in bringing about a change in the lives of backward and Deprived communities and an experience in campaigning, FRDP has brought about a holistic change in lives of orphans, Laborers, Disable (Special) Persons and widows by providing them financial assistance, Food items, Shelters, Domestic Earning equipments like Sewing machines etceteras with the precious support and Donations of its various donors.

Simultaneously, FRDP has been reaching in various downtowns of Sindh province for helping out the down and out families and bringing the degraded families out of troublesome.

The Role of Fast Rural Development Program during the Covid_19 lockdown was highly commendable and praiseworthy. FRDP distributed nearly Three Thousand food packs in various districts of Sindh including Hyderabad, Tharparkar, Mirpurkhas and Jacobabad. The food items were distributed amongst daily wagers, poor laborers, orphans and widows.

Currently, our Country is facing heavy rains and hundreds of thousands of families are being effected. In keeping in view the current situation, I would suggest the richest individuals to donate the NGOs like FRDP and others so that these NGOs may bring some ease in the lives of rain-effected people and bring smiles at their faces.

Lets be the reason of the happiness for people who suffer and live a tough life. Please lets draw a smile on poor families faces together !

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