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Journalists of APCM visit heavy rain & flood disturbed areas


Recent heavy and stormy rain, over flow of streams and Dams have destroyed villages from sea side till Bin Qasim including them Jut village, Dabla Mohala, Sach Dino Mohala, Lat Basti, Kohi village’s Akmal Mohala, Deh Thano’s villages like Samo village, Old Shafi village, Biro village, Damloti, Malah village, Lasi village and other villages.

In this regards journalists of Awami Press Club Malir visited said villages here on yesterday and got details with facts and figures.

First and foremost they approached at Jut village on sea side where more than 3 hundred houses have been flooded and life of habitants had disturbed totally because of that flood water is still in their houses.

Residents of village gathered to see journalists including children, women and men and protested before them due to no support and aid.

On that occasion fishermen forum’s head Muhammad Bukhsh Jut told that Jut Community is settled here from years which is completely neglected and still bereft from all facilities like water, electricity, gas, schools and others.

Heavy rain and flood have washed away their houses but no any elected representative of area and officers have come to help them.

He demanded that all losses of villagers should be recovered and get repaired their houses as soon as possible. Women also told that they are not respected and behaved like human and due to starvation their two children have been died.

They further said that water is still stagnated in their houses so they can not even prepare their meal. They all demanded for all fundamental facilities.

After that  journalists went towards most disturbed area by heavy rain and flood near Old Thana where they found many collapsed houses and many others cracked in Samo village, Malah village, Old Shafi village and Biro village so residents of those houses have become coerced to survive life under open sky.

On that occasion villagers spoke to journalists and told that they are homeless and helpless from 8 days, houses have been destructed even no articles of nourishment or food not even clothes to wear also no money they have which they can give children to buy things of eating but all of this no any elected representative has approached them for moral and financial support yet and asked how they are surviving their life.

Mariam W/O Muhammad Sharif told having tears in her eyes that her husband is blind and her son has rickshaw which was also damaged due to wall fell on it in rainy days even she was also declined for job at home by house owner during Corona virus so she had only a house where she was living with her husband, sons, two daughters and two daughters with her which has also collapsed in stormy and heavy rain. She further said that at present she is left without help and seeking for support from government side.Area’s social activist Hanif Dil Murad and Inayat Balouch told that many houses have collapsed and cattles have drowned at Old Shafi village.

Inhabitant of Biro village Shafi Jokhio told that his house collapsed down and become destroyed even cattles which he kept have been also died because of swift flow of flood water.

Villagers of Shafi village made journalists visit of affected houses where habitants were busy in maintenance of their houses on their own.

On the other hand Malah Community village has been changed into tent habitation where area’s lady councillor Amina and other women’s shared their troubles and pains to journalists and said with tears in their eyes that they have been settled into tents where there is no facility provided by provincial government and they eat one or hardly two time charitable meal provided by Silani or Chippa organization.

They cried out against government and said that they should be provided meal articles, Clothes, pottery and others so that they can cook their own food instead if standing in a row for food.

They said that they are forced to stay at tents which attitude of government has increased their problems more.On that occasion MPA Sajid Jokhio and PPP Malir’s acting president Adeel Akhtar Sheikh also visited tent settlement where they talked with journalists of Awami Press Club Malir and told that heavy rain and flood have destroyed a lot although People’s Party leaders, elected representatives and workers are with affected citizens of Malir from day first and tried for every possible support with them.

More over they told that DC Malir is ordered to survey affected areas and submit report so after the report work for distributed people will become more faster than today. They advised media men to appreciate their good work also if they censure and point out their weak areas and defects.

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