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Heavy rain and flood affected Malir’s areas badly


Malir has become completely destroyed due to heavy rain in Karachi and everywhere just flood situation has occurred.

Many habitations which are settled over the bank of Malir have been swamped cause of over flow of Malir stream specially Samo village, Lasi village, Malah Mohala, Paradise residential scheme, Kohi village, Kolhi Mohala and others villages near Old Thana and water is  stagnated their and has not been water out from there.

In this regards dead body of Muhammad Imran S/O Muhammad Bukhsh and 5 year old Child Simra resident of Samo village have been received who were fell into Malir stream even more than 100 cattles have been drowned into it and agricultural lands, residential schemes, wells have been washed away by swift flow of rain water.

On the other hand people have been homeless due to water into their houses and are compelled to live under open sky and looking forward to have government’s aid because they have received a loss  of millions.

Social and political leaders namely PTI Qadir Bukhsh Kalmaty Balouch, Haji Hafeez Jokhio, HANDS Khalil Wadelo, Social Activists Khuda Dino Shah, Inayat Balouch and others visited affected areas and expressed compassion with affected peoples, although Qadir Bukhsh Kalmaty hospitalised injured and sick at Tibri Hospital and endured expenses of their treatment.

District Council Karachi Chairman Salman Abdullah Murad talked with journalists and said that he has visited all affected areas of Malir and rescued Malah Community people who were struck due to flood.

He said that they are preparing report of disadvantages of Malir due to heavy rain and flood situation which is almost completed and will be publicly soon.

On the answer of one question he said that Chief Minister has also visited affected areas of Malir so hope has aroused that provincial government will announce aid for affected people and announce Malir a miserable area.

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