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SP Korangi urged Sindhi Community to reject blackmailer


Shah Nawaz Chachar SP Korangi while rejecting the allegations put on him through social media stated that, “I always used to take Pride as Sindhi when I used to compete at Lahore and Islamabad for almost one and half decade”.

Moreover, he added, This year when I started serving here in sindh I was forced to rethink my pride because Sindhis who are usually considered as uneducated by other communities are bent upon proving them so.

He claimed that , What a class of leaders we as Sindhi community have nourished amongst us. Their leaders usually (Surviving on sindhi nationalism ventilator) are dishonest lot full of looters, blackmailers, womanisers , suppliers and land grabbers.

We then condemn other communities for our conditions, he said.

While speaking about the Background of MUshtaq sarki he said he has been booked in several FIRs for land grabbing, blackmailing, drugs, fraud and forgery has emerged as leader of Sindhi Community .

He revealed that, Sarki  wanted to play sindh card to take money from the Korangi area industrialists  and His demand was to induct few Sindhis in factory which on my behalf the company was ready to induct.

He said that Sindhi Community members are out for supporting a characterless uneducated blackmailer who uses sindhis for his vested interests. 

Further Supritendent of Police Korangi while speaking about allegations put on him on social media he said, How a sindhi officer can say that “Sindhi Mudasir k jooty Polish krengy to milegi job” ,Once I never knew who the Mudasir is he added.

He questioned that ,What a pity it is that people started believing blindly. Is it some movie scene for my Sindhi youth. ?

My mentors taught me never to reply any bunch of idiots having no character, education or even common sense, But Then thanks to the fussy social media I was forced to reply, he added.

Shah Nawaz said, I as Sindhi has made my community more proud while serving with honesty and an exemplary character in Punjab for almost a decade while in service and another decade as a student.

He asked that, How come few people started believing a criminal a fraud a drug and women supplier an extortionist, land grabbers with so many previous FIRs.

He urged Community members for the need to get themselves educated and grow up as Such behaviour has seriously earned bad name for the entire community and such uneducated blackmailers perhaps can never think beyond their own selfish interests. 

Whereas he questioned, Can any educated sindhi imagine saying these words about sindhis ? Does it make sense that Any Civil servant wil ask workers to polish boots of any captain whom He never met or knew ? Does it make sense that any honest SP of his area will oppose induction of his own community in private workforce ? 

Police Officer said ,I as manager of law and order Affairs just intervened in order to avoid any kind of protests in my area and I have never met any business man or any political figure of my area till now.

He stated, It was just a meeting between a black mailer (using only two genuine workers and rest his own criminal goons from some other area) & admin officer of the company and All the demands of workers were accepted except a fake journalist’s demand of coming live with him on his Facebook account. 

He asked, Does he enjoy any good character that I should come live on his Facebook page Or do u think I as SP should come live with a person having criminal record using nationalist card to extort money from businessman of my area ? 

He said, To make money for himself, This blackmailer who Been thrown out of all the news channels due to his character , wants to now create his space in Korangi industrialist area by using poor Sindhi workforce as his clientele. 

In the end I would just say I feel pity on those who follow this characterless uneducated blackmailer.

Don’t get blindfolded in the name of nationalism/communalism, I do respect your emotions , Do respect my principles, my character and my honesty and don’t be part of anyone’s character assassination agenda, he added.

At last he said, Being Sindhi I will always take pride in sindh’s culture and history but the future of this some of the uneducated lot in our society seems so worrisome.

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