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Villagers and Social Activists Of Saleh Muhammad cry out against extortionists


People of Union Council 14 Saleh Mohammed Goth namely Anwar Lashari, Asghar Balouch, Imran Balouch, Akhtar Balouch and others had a press conference at Awami Press Club Malir Murad Memon Goth over extortion by equipped person.

They said in a press conference that after a long cease of extortion in Malir it has been started again

 In this regard armed men asked for extortion from the habitants and social heads of UC Saleh Mohammed Goth  without any resistance and Law grip and raided on them on their refusal and objection also threatened them to kill.

They blamed that defamed gangster Noor Mohammed Lashari and Saleh Mohammed nick name Salu have become agony and dangerous for villagers who have firing in a area and spread fear in order to get extortion from those poor who get constructed their houses.

They said that few days ago said extortionists people attacked on Ali Asghar and injured him seriously whose NC was not registered at PS Shah Lateef that’s why at present they have a threat of life. 

They appealed IG Sindh ADIG Karachi DG Rangers SSP Malir and other concerned officers to have action against armed extortionists Noor Mohammed Lashari, Saleh Mohammed and their companion as soon as possible in order to have peaceful atmosphere of UC Saleh Muhammad.

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