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Chairman DMC closes doors for public of Malir


DMC started maltreating with people of Malir who came with issues to him and he not only closed his office door for public but also pasted notice of no entry with permission on his office door and directed peon to misbehave people and make them sit on floor outside of his office.

DMC Chairman’s office peon insulted public on the directions of DMC Chairman.

On public grumbles journalists of Malir approached at DMC to ask from Chairman the reason of misbehave and maltreatment with public but peon halted journalists on office gate as he was instructed and told that Chairman is busy with his officers so he has refused to meet any then journalists protested against Jan Muhammad Balouch’s such type of attitude and behavior.

After a while Chairman called journalists inside the office and made stood them. Journalists asked a questions about his 4 year performance as a DMC Chairman, he declined to give answer and became aggressive with them due to questions.

He blamed on journalists and said that inquire my 4 year performance to those journalists of Karachi specially Malir who have collected thousands rupees from me he said and stood away after that journalists protested hard over DMC Chairman’s attitude.

Awami Press Club Malir’s General Secretary Manzoor Solangi, Joint Secretary Arshad Ali Gabol and other journalists told that District Municipal Committees Chairman Jan Muhammad Balouch takes 4 billion rupees budget for a year which becomes 16 billions for his whole time period but he has not spent on public issues and its betterment but usurped all money by corruption against which NAB and Anti-Corruption have raided on his office many times and expropriated all the record and still investigation is under process.

In this respect Awami Press Club Malir’s president Ghulam Ali Goondar, vice president Sikandar Jokhio, Office secretary Abdul Qadir Dars and others have condemned DMC Chairman’s narrow and misbehavior with general secretary and joint secretary of Awami Press club Malir and called urgent meetings where a strategy of protest against DMC Chairman Jan Muhammad Balouch will be made.Attachments area

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