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Awami Tehreek, Sindhi Mazdoor Tehreek & Civil Society stage protest


Awami Tehreek, Sindhi Mazdoor Tehreek, Malir’s Civil Society called protest March over Construction of Basha Dam, Killing of three innocent children in torture, Rape with innocent Khadija Batool Khokhar at Railway Colony, Child Abuse with child Dost Mohammed at Soomar village, Rape with naive Kainat and her murder, Killing of Khan Zaib Jokhio during resistance with street criminals at Sukan Nadi, Killing of Muhammad Ayoob Moosa at Rehri and Murder of Usman Malah at Malir Nadi by equipped persons, Drugs dealing, Social Ailments and Victimization of police with innocent citizens of Malir here on yesterday lead by Awami Tehreek leader Rustam Meerani, Sindhi Mazdoor Tehreek Abdul Sattar Gopang, Zubair Noonari Civil Society heads Yaqoob Khaskheli, Habib Zaib Khaskheli and others.

Hundreds of political, social workers, inhabitants, heirs of murdered participated protest march including women and children in a great deal.

March people were having banners and play cards in their hands and gathered at the bank of Sukkan Nadi where protesting March was commenced they offered flowers at Sukkan Nadi where Khan Zaib’s Murder took place and prayed for his soul’s peace and sat in at Sukkan and demanded from Sindh government to build bridge, police chocky and arrest killers of more than seven citizens of Malir immediately.

March continued and reached at Sheedi Khan village where march participants were welcomed and they joined protesters.

They crossed Technical College, Usman Khaskheli village and Malir bridge and reached at Murad Memon village raising slogans where social leader Saleem J Memon, Sindh United Party leader Faiz Heesbani and others welcomed them with heart and soul then they reached Awami Press Club Malir where March participants sat down the road.

On that occasion Awami Tehreek Malir leader Advocate Rustam Meerani, Sindhi Mazdoor Tehreek leaders Abdul Sattar Gopang, Zubair Noonari, Civil Society heads Yaqoob Khaskheli, Saleem J Memon, Faiz Heesbani, Habib Zaib Khaskheli and others addressed to March participants that whole Karachi has become a stronghold of criminals including Malir where Khan Zaib Jokhio resident of Pir Sarhandi, Ayoob Moosani of Rehri, Usman Malah resident of Old Thana, Jan Muhammad Bhutto of Bhittai Abad were killed during resistance with criminals although naive Khatija Batool at Railway Colony Bin Qasim, innocent child Ali Dost resident of Soomar village, Innocent child Kainat inhabitant of Bhittai Abad, Aijaz Ruk of Pipri and others were killed after rape and child abuse whose killers are not arrested yet.

They said that people are being murdered due to that loss of lives is being and on the other side fields and crops have been destroyed and starvation and dearth have occurred due to shortage of water in River Indus.

Moreover they said that political leaders are ruling on Malir but they have not made true their promises to construct bridge on Sukkan Nadi.

They demanded that situation of peace and placed be better in entire Sindh specifically in Malir and killers of innocent citizens be arrested as soon as possible and old habitations be provided all fundamental facilities so if their legal demands are not filled then they will become constrained to convert directions of today’s protest march towards Chief Minister House.

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