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Journalists and advocates organize rally on Independence day at APCM


73rd independence day was commemorated enthusiastically at Awami Press Club Malir Murad Memon village by APCM Journalists and H & A Law Associates Legal Aid’s Advocates in which press club journalists, political social leaders, Malir advocates and residents of Murad Memon village participated in a great number.

They organized rally commenced from main chock of Murad Memon village’s Market till press club and hailed slogans Pakistan Zindabad and long live Pakistan with passion and love.

On that occasion Senior Journalist Saami Memon and president Ghulam Ali Goondar, Advocate Habib Rehman, Advocate Waseem Ahmed Shahani and others addressed to rally participants and said that a day of independence recalls the sacrifices of past and a day of promises to make better future of Pakistan.

They said that ask the value of freedom to those who still surviving slavery life so end all the political confusions and secure human and nation rights.

At the end of rally cake of 73rd independence day was cut with love and glory and prayed for peaceful and advanced Pakistan.

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