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Malpractices in Mainstream Media


By: Muhammad Rohail Hassan

This is with reference to a recent news story broadcast on a few TV channels in which Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) condemned the grave malpractices by one of the electronic TV channels i.e. BOL News.

The channel has allegedly been using pressure and blackmailing tactics for extortion from various advertising agencies and professionals. 

I have been religiously reading newspapers for the past many years and believe that malpractices are not confined to electronic media only but print media also. Reportedly, there are various print media outlets that resort to blackmailing as their source of income, without having any fear of retribution or social and legal consequence. 

At a time when media has grown so massively in Pakistan over the last decade or so, there is a dire need for an authority to keep a check on print media indulgence in shady activities meant to either mint huge amounts of money or damage an organization’s reputation. 

Such irresponsible and unfair practices in print media should also be highlighted in addition to electronic media for a progressive and transparent journalistic environment.  

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