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Robbers take away solar stuff from shop at Murad Memon village


Theft took place at Murad Memon village here on yesterday where unknown robbers broke into Ashfaq Memon’s shop near main market beside of AL Habib Bank and took away solar energy stuff like Led, Juicer Machines, fans and others expensive things whose worth is more than 2 lac rupees.

Application about pilfering has been submitted at Police station Murad Memon village.

In this respect shop Owner Ashfaq Mandani Memon talked with journalists and told that theft incidents have become much enough during some days which is question mark on the performance of newly appointed SHO PS Murad Memon village whose performance is highly disappointed and has no control over such type of criminal acts.

Ashfaq Memon appealed IG Sindh, SSP Malir and other higher officers to control over such type of criminal occurrences and restore his stolen solar material after arresting pilferers also protect business men and Inhabitants of Murad Memon village.

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