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Karachi based blogger distributes masks among traffic police


Zia Zuberi, Karachi based Blogger and PR professional conducted mask distribution drive with DSP Traffic Police Nadeem Farooqi.

Morever while discussion with field team of traffic police where they learnt about routine issues and challenges faced by traffic policemen from their viewpoint.

We are here on roads for people’s safety, we are routinely harassed by traffic law violators, people get mad at us even when they themself are wrong, says HC S. Rana Traffic Warden, Sindh Police All kinds of insults are made at them when simply they’re doing their job..!

I today went to listen them and distributed masks, we had a cup of tea with my all time favorite Sooper together, says Zuberi.”

I realized that their job is not so easy they stand under the hot sun 10 to12 hours a day the smoke, dust and pollution is there all the day with them” he added.

Zuberi also requested on recent tweet that,”If you are reading this please promise me that next time whenever you are meeting them, you are going to be Kind with these traffic policemen and will make them feel that you are their family as they are away from their own family for us”.

Moreover he said that, We together have to share the happiness and care for this neglected part of our society.

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