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Three Members of a family died in road accident


Three family members namely Ghulam Mustafa Balouch, Ghous Bukhsh Balouch, Abdul Ghani Balouch of a family including their friend were died on the spot due to perilous road accident with their vehicle near Sun City moving towards Larkana whose dead bodies were brought towards Kohi Village where every man looked sad and mournful due to 3 dead bodies of one family.

Deceased people were going to Larkana to attend funeral of their friend’s father.

On the report PPP Karachi Divisional Senior President and member of Sindh assembly Raja Abdul Razzaq Balouch, District Council Karachi’s Senior member Akhtar Arfani, DCK minority member Makhi Odh Mal including other political, social leaders and representatives and area’s people reached at Kohi village and expressed with compassion with deceased relatives.

On that occasion MPA Raja Abdul Razzaq said that those who have been died in road accident were People’s Party workers so whole Party including him is sad and equal partner in deceased relatives grief and they pray to Allah Almighty for the peace for deceased souls and place of heaven for them.

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