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Gunned men kill lady under the blame of Karo-Kari at Ali Muhammad Jokhio village Pipri


Lady Sania Kakepoto resident of Garhi Yaseen was killed under the blame of Karo-Kari in her brother-in-law house at Ali Muhammad Jokhio village Pipri yesterday night by 3 armed men who had come on Eid day for living.

Armed men broke into the rental house and fired on lady Sania Kakepoto and ran away swiftly. In the result of firing Sania could not bear the pain and died away on the spur of the moment. 

Police Station Bin Qasim Police approached at incident place and brought dead body into its custody and sent dead body towards Jinnah Hospital for postmortem. After the postmortem police handed over dead body to her husband Muhammad Hakim Kakepoto.

In this respect SHO PS Bin Qasim police Muhammad Khan Bohar told that as per the statement of murdered Sania’s relatives Kakepoto Brothery of Garhi Yaseen had blamed Karo – Kari on Sania and her maternal cousins tried to kill her due to that her husband Muhammad Hakim Kakepoto sent her on Eid day towards his brother’s house at Pipri for living in order to save her life.

SHO PS Bin Qasim further told that murdered Sania Kakepoto’s followed her and reached at Ali Muhammad Jokhio village Pipri and broke into the rental house where she was living and gunned down her.

He told that her relatives have identified 2 killers and told names like Badal Kakepoto, Abid Kakepoto but her relatives have not come yet for case registration so as they will come to get registered a case them police will take action against accused.

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