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Danger of drowning Mohidan’s villages occured


Due to heavy downpours Mohidan’s Wan Kanr Sultan Shah Dam has broken and the flow of water grows rapidly towards villages in a various quantity cause of what a danger of drowning many villages has occurred like Soomar Village, Allah Warayo village, Saindad, Jan Muhammad Ahmedani, Pir Bukhsh, Burkat village and other villages too but administration and Rain Emergency Committee has taken no step against.

On the report Public Health Department’s Engineer Rashid came Dam side where he confirmed that Dam has broken and can cause destruction of many villages and it is also not possible to repair broken Dam.

In this respect villager Shabbir Burfat, Alam Chhuto, Allah Warayo Burfat and others told that Sultan Shah Dam is little small than Hab Dam which’s depth is 30 feet and length is 5acres.

They told that Dam was constructed in 2013 and was finalized in 2018 so if administration and Rain Emergency Committee than do not take steps as  soon as possible to maintain the breach then many villages will go down.

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