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NDMA cleaned up Karachi’s rainwater drains in five days ;Haleem Adil Sheikh


Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Central Vice President and leader of parliamentary party in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh said that NDMA has given a task to FWO for cleaning of  dirt from the three main rainwater gutters which has almost 95% completed in five days.

PTI Central Leader and Parliamentary Leader Haleem Adil Sheikh visited different areas of Karachi including Gujarnala and reviewed the situation after the heavy rainfall, talking to the media, Haleem Adil Sheikh said that the Prime Minister had taken notice of the flood situation in Karachi due to previous rains.

The NDMA was given responsibilities on the instructions of the Prime Minister NDMA chairman arrived in Karachi and reviewed the situation, the FWO was given the task of cleaning up the rain flow water gutters.

FWO was tasked with cleaning three major Nalas in Karachi, Gujjar Nala, Korangi Nala and Mawach Goth Nala.

The work was given last Monday and in five days 95% of the work has been completed.

He said now Rainwater is flowing easily in Karachi. He said we are not saying that everything is fine, there is a lot of work left and we want to do work for the betterment of the public.

He  said what has not been done in the last twelve years has been done in five days. The Sindh government has not been working for 12 years; they also have Water Board, Solid Waste Management but work progress nil.

He said after the 18th Amendment, the responsibility for sanitation rests with the Sindh government, we want to work but the 18th amendment comes in the middle. He said the Sindh government only needs money for corruption not for work.

He appeals to the citizens of Karachi not to allow waste material and drain water to flow into these drains. These are drains are for rain water flow only but unfortunately gutter water is flowing into these drains.

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