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Man lost eye due to Shah Lateef police’s alleged torture


After the murder of Khan Zaib Jokhio at Sukkan Nadi political and social people have protested many times for the arrest of killers but Shah Lateef police has not only become failure but began victimizing and disturbing villagers in many ways.

In this respect industrious Murad Balouch told that he was coming with his factory colleague on motorcycle from job to home that police constables pointed to stop them at sudden so they stopped a motorcycle few steps a head cause of that police personnel became much aggressive and tortured on them with sticks due to that Murad Balouch became seriously injured and was hospitalized immediately where doctor confirmed his eye lost.

On the report people protested against police and demanded action against involved police personnel.

On the other hand President PTI Malir president Qadir Bukhsh Kalmaty, Information Secretary Haji Hafeez Jokhio and others approached at affected Murad Balouch’s house and condemned incident strictly also announced to get his eye cured.

On that occasion PTI Leaders took affected labour towards DSP Bin Qasim’s Office and agitated against the attitude of police personnel during meeting with him.

DSP Bin Qasim assured to act against indulged police personnel.Shah Lateef police ceased resident of Sheedi village social activist Habib Zaib Khaskheli when he was going hospital with his family Members. He told journalists that he was taking his ill family member towards hospital for treatment on urgent basis that police personnel stopped them near Sukkan Nadi for two hours even he introduced himself to police personnel and told them the cause of moving hospital but they were not ready to hear any thing due to that patient’s health became much critical.

He further said that this type of police attitude will spread a anger among villagers so they will become constrained to protest.

He appealed to IG police and SSP Malir to execute against such type of police personnel were who become the reason of People’s troubles

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