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Lack of Implementation on law, No FIR lodge against Gutka User


Sindh Government had passed a Bill to ban the sale and Manufacturing of Gutka, Mawa(Smokeless Tobacco) and in addition there is a fine and sentence mentioned for the users of Gutka but the said items are easily available in various parts of the city and the police has reportedly not registered any FIR against Gutka User .

On 10th March 2013 in the petition of Oral Cancer Patient affected by the use of Gutka, Mawa (Smokeless Tobacco) Sindh High Court in a written Order directed Home Department and IG Sindh to launch public awareness message campaign through print and Electronic media so that General Public as well as Gutka Manufacturers should know that Law has been promulgated to curb the menace. 

Whereas Sindh Government has presented bill namely “The Sindh Prohibition of Preparation, Manufacturing, Storage, Sale and Use of Gutka and Mainpuri Bill,2019 which notified on 30th January 2020. 

As per the section 9 of said Bill “ No Person Shall Purchase or use gutka, mainpuri and its derivatives in any place , In transport, at Public Places , In the Offices, in educational institutes or in the hospitals as may be prescribed. 

However Punishment of Seven days extended to one month has been mentioned in the bill for Gutka users and in addition fine which would not be less than five thousand has been also written. 

Muzammil Mumtaz Meo Advocate stated that, After the transfer of DIG Amir Faroqui from District East Gutka is openly selling in Malir, Korangi and East Zone as police is not taking any action against the sellers and users of gutka(smokeless tobacco). 

He informed that as per the Sindh Government Bill Police have to take action against gutka manufacturers as well as against users of gutka, but unfortunately no FIR has been lodge till yet from the passage of bill against any Gutka user in Karachi. 

He urged IG Sindh ,Additional IG Karachi to ensure implementation on law to save the lives of our future generations.

On the other hand it was learned that due to the use of smokeless tobacco including Gutka and Mawa numbers of citizens have lost their life and large number of citizens are suffering from the disease of oral cancer.

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