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Gas theft continues in AF Garden as SSGC not taking action despite complaints


Sui Southern Gas Company is reportedly ignoring the complaints of citizens regarding Gas Theft in AF Garden Sector 24/A Scheme 33.

Sources informed that the residents of AF Garden are pointing out the illegal activity of Gas theft from last five months which is danger for the lives and assets of citizens and also a loss to the National Exchequer.

A resident of AF Garden on anonymity of name informed that the illegal gas supply is ongoing from SHar Goth via rubber pipes and Mafia involve in this illegal activity which is selling connection on 1500 to 2000 rupees per month.

It was learned that important installations of State Fuel Research Center is also nearby, In AF Garden almost 30 residents of society have got this illegal gas connection.

Resident stated that from theft gas people are running heavy generators which caused millions of rupees loss to national exchequer.

Moreover, he informed that he has already complained to SSGC via phone call and email it to them with the proof of pictures but SSGC has not taken any action till yet.

Further Source told that the Mafia is using rubber pipes for illegal gas supply and the pipes are going through the roofs of houses in which gas also leak which could occur mishap at any moment as important installation of state fuel research center is adjacent to the society.

AF Garden residents urged MD SSGC for removal of illegal gas connections and strict action against gas theft mafia.

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