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Karachi is Sinking, Provincial Ministers busy in celebrating party leader’s birthday; PML-F leader


Karachi is Sinking and the Provincial Ministers were busy in celebrating the birthday of their party leader, karachiites should have to hold them accountable for leave them in this difficult time, PML-F leader Salman Fayyaz.

While criticizing the performance of Provincial and District Government Salman Ahmad Fayyaz Deputy Convener PML-F stated that In Karachi, the largest city of Sindh, the entire city system was disrupted during just two hours of rain.

He shared that,The Sindh government and all local bodies have failed miserably, Neither the Sindh government nor the local government are doing anything. , MPAs, MNA and UC chairmen are not doing any work, they come to the people to vote but there is no one to see and solve the problems of the people.

He urged citizens that,Please don’t vote for corrupt rulers like them again, they have not done any work for the people, they are incompetent people and incompetent government.

Moreover he asked citizens to vote for Pakistan Muslim League-Functional in next local bodies elections.

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