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Condolence Meeting Held at DUHS


The vice chancellor of Dow University of Health Sciences Prof. Muhammad Saeed Quraishy said that Prof. Younis Haider Soomro was not only an extra ordinary surgeon but also an excellent team leader.

He was one of the founder member of the orthopedic department of the Civil Hospital.

He not only expended the department but also rendered extraordinary services in the Rehabilitation department, while he also introduced Russian technology for the first time in Pakistan, as a result, thousands of people were saved from disabilities, He was speaking at the condolence meeting for Prof. Younis Haider Soomro at Arag Auditorium of Dow University of Health sciences.

In addition Principal Dow Medical College Prof. Amjad Siraj Memon, the late professor’s brother Uzair Soomro and his sister Dr. Rufeena Soomro, Dr. Iqbal Memon, Prof. Khalid Mehmood. Prof. Maratib Ali and others also addressed. On this occasion Pro-Vice Chancellor of Dow University Prof. Zarnaz Wahid, Registrar Dr. Ashar Afaq, Vice Principal of Dow Medical College Dr. Shumaila Khalid, Prof. Shuja Farrukh, Prof. Khalid Shafi, Prof. Sanam Soomro, Prof. Saba sohail, Prof. Maratib Ali, Pro, Iqbal Memon and other senior faculty members also participated.

SOP’S of Covid19 were strictly followed in the condolence meeting.Prof. Mohammed Saeed Quraishy said Prof. Yunis Soomro had been serving poor patients all his life.

When he contracted corona, his family became troubled, we did what we could do to treat him, Prof. Younis Soomro always treated me like a brother.

While studying abroad, he care about me like a family member and guide me as well. The space created by his departure will never be filled.

The principal of Dow Medical College said that he worked in his unit under Prof. Soomro, now it seems that it was the golden age of my life. Prof. Iqbal Memon said that prof. Soomro was with him from his student life and they stepped into professional life at the same time he always said take care of poor patients because they trust us and hand over their loved ones to us.

When he infected from corona virus, he talked to me every day. I used to get very emotional whenever I talked to him because he was like my parents.

Sadly, he eventually had a heart attack with Corona, which left him unable to recover. Further he said he was my friend and friendship is more important than a blood relationship, without it, a vacuum is created in life. Prof. Khalid Mehmood said Prof. Younis Soomro was a man full of life.

He fitted everywhere and any occasion. He was a benefactor of the soul and humanity. He always treated me like an older brother. I had a 25 years friendship with him.

He was also found to be humble and comprehensive, he helped everyone in any way he can.

His condition in a private hospital also became very critical, so not only his family but also us were very worried. By the grace of God, he was revived.

He had the power to fight against disease. Also He had a very kind heart. In 2003, he said my father and his father were good friends , after that he started giving me special affection.

Dr. Babar Said that he always said to us do whatever you can do for poor patients and never discriminate in anyway.

Due to his support we managed to save many patients from permanent disability and various disease.

Dr. Rufeena Soomro said that he was not only my brother but also like my father. I asked the audience to pray for his forgiveness.

Prof. Maratib Ali highlighting the life of younis soomro said he was born in Shikarpur in 1946, younis soomro did his MBBS from Liaquat Medial College. He served in the army from 1976 to 1984.

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