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Chairman Municipal Committee Mithi presents tax free budget of year 2020-21


The Chairman Municipal Committee Dr Manoj Kumar Malani presented annual tax free saving of 1 lack 82 thousand 559 rupees budget of Municipal Committee Mithi under the section 110 of Sindh Local Government Act 2013 at district Council Hall Mithi .

The total estimate of income in the budget 29 caror 10 lack , 18 thousand 547 rupees while total estimate the expenditure 35 caror , 9 lack , 33 thousand 998 rupees , in the annual budget the last year saving of 6 caror ,98 lack 10 rupees shown .

In the annual budget the employees’ salaries and pension 13 caror 24 lack , 04 thousand 998 rupees , for the employees who dies during their services 50 lack rupees , for Sports , 5 lack rupees , for fire incidents 5 lack rupees , social welfare , culture , Eid , Deewali , holi and other celebrations 5 lack rupees, for poor students scholarships 2 lack rupees , for the treatment of employees during their services 1 lack rupees, for tree plantation 10 lack rupees, for the repair of public parks 5 lack rupees, Miscellanies expenditure 10 lack rupees, for nursery 20lack rupees , for fees of advertisement 2 lack rupees, for Polio Program 2 lack rupees, for fee of NADRA form Fees 1 lack rupees , for libraries 7 lack rupees , for installation of CC Tv Cameras 5 lack rupees, for the repair of water supply and new pipe lines 50 lack rupees , for repair of transformers 3 lack rupees, for the cleanness of water tanks 1 lack rupees, for the cleanness of and sanitation things 1 caror 50 lack rupees , for anti dog drive 1 lack rupees , Malaria Spray 10lack rupees, leveling and dumper 15 lack rupees, for drainage schemes and repair of Nala’s 23 lack rupees , for repair of vehicles 55 lack rupees , for natural disaster 50 lack rupees

For corona virus 20 lack rupees , for National Celebrations day 9 lack rupees , for electric new polls for new colonies 36 lack rupees and for continue of development work 10 caror 50 lack rupees estimated in the budget .

On this occasion , the Chairman Municipal Committee Dr Manoj Kumar Malani while presenting the budget of 2020-21 and said that there is no new tax impose in the budget and this budget is friendly budget after the passing this budget there is opening news steps of development work in Mithi city and citizen of Mithi city would be facilitate from the cleanness , brightness and facility of drinking water in the Mithi city .

He further said due to corona Virus the developments work was effects but soon work would be started.

The budget meeting attended the vice Chairman Municipal Committee Mithi Dongro Mal , chief Municipal officer Mithi Syed Aijaz Shah , staff of Municipal Committee Mithi , Council Members , and Journalists attended the meeting .

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