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Fisheries generate monthly extortion of Rs20mn for PPP rulers: Haleem Adil


Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Vice President and parliamentary party leader in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh has said the Fisheries provides extortion of Rs20million a month to the PPP rulers, and they have given 250 jobs in the Fisheries on political nepotism basis.

According to details, local small fishermen here Tuesday anchored their fishing boats outside the Keamari channel on the call of All Mahigeer Biradri, Pakistan Fishermen Union, to record their protest against rampant corruption in the Sindh fisheries department.

Haleem Adil Sheikh, MPA Shahnawaz Jadon, PTI leader Haji Muzaffar Shujra, Fishermen Cooperative Society leader Dr Yousuf and other came on boats and launches to join the protest.

Addressing the protestors, Haleem Adil said Bilawal is spiting to the sky. He said in such cases the spit would fall on the face of that person. He said the father of Imran Khan, Inam Khan Niazi, was an educated person and graduate of Imperial College. He was a businessman and he would not sell cinema tickets.

He said 250 jobs in the fisheries are given on political basis. He said the fisheries generates a bhatta of Rs20million per month, which is collected by PPP leaders. He asked the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to start a probe into corruption in the fisheries department. He said Bilawal would soon give the contracts of the fisheries in Larkana and the contract would be given to Maulana.

He stated the Maulana would use seminary students for the political benefit of Zardari. He said we have started a protest campaign for the rights of poor fishermen.

He added that owners of big trawlers can catch fish, but a poor fisherman is not allowed to catch fish. He said the PTI would support the rights of poor fishermen.

Haleem Adil shared the PPP is responsible for the plights of poor fishermen. He asked where is MNA Qadir Patel, who would make tall claims. He said why he is not out to support the protest of fishermen.

Haleem Adil said when cases against Zardari are opened, Bilawal suddenly remembers protest drive. He said Bilawal has never protested against the atrocities of the PPP government to the people of Sindh province. He said PPP has been ruling this province for last 12 years, but what it has done so far to improve the living standard of the people of Sindh.

He said all ministers and advisors of the PPP government are wanted to the NAB in corruption cases. These people are released on bail. Now 120 accountability courts are being established and all corrupt politicians would go jail.

He said there would be no minus-one or minus-160, but there would be a minus-420. He said the Abraaj Group was given benefits in 2009. He said in 2011 Zardari was the president and he gave Sitara e Imtiaz to K-Electric CEO for tormenting the people of Karachi.MPA Shahnawaz Jadon said Abdul Baar is the father of Nisar Morai in corruption.

He claimed Abdul Baar gives Rs20million bhatta to Bilawal House every month. He said Abdul Baar has got the support of Qadir Patel. He said Kutchi fishermen are the real owners of the megacity Karachi, but still they are deprived of all basic necessities of life.

Fishermen cooperative society leader Dr Yousuf said for last one month small fishermen are facing huge problems but the owners of fishing trawlers are allowed to earn huge profits.

He said when he was a director there were balance of Rs30 Crore which was increased to Rs58 Crore. He said this amount was devoured within six months. He said cutting of 2.5percent is a cruelty with the fishermen.

He said Chairman Abdul Baar is the henchman of Latif Khosa and he claims him as the secretary of Ayan Ali. PTI leader Haji Muzaffar Shujra said the small fishermen are facing huge problems.

PTI legislator informed that in 1993 a trawler would cost Rs20 Lakh and today it costs Rs 1 Crore. He said he was in the PPP, but he left the party due to its corruption and Qadir Patel is not a Kutchi. He was a henchman of Uzair Baloch.

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