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Pipri Residents organize protest rally against SHO PS Bin Qasim


Residents of Union Council Pipri held protest rally against bad situation of law and force in area, stealing, dacoity incidents led by advocate Muhammad Moosa Kolachi, PTI representative Misri Khan Bugti, Qumi Awami Tehreek representative Kashif Khaskheli and Awami Tehreek Malir General Secretary Ghulam-u-Allah Bughio and others here on yesterday.

Rally Started from Pipri Football Ground to National highway in which political, social workers and residents participated in a great number.Protestors held strict mottos against inapt SHO and Head Moharrir of PS Bin Qasim holding play cards in their hands.

On that occasion heads of protest addressed protest rally participants and said that stealing, robbery and street crime events are being increased in UC Pipri and police has become totally flop in the control on such type of incidents.

They said many people of area have become deprived from their motorcycles namely Irfan Kakepoto, Tahir Kakepoto, Muneer Awan, Ghulam Haider, Imdad Sheikh, Hameed Gul, Rashid Markhand , Abid Charan and others are included, although Nazar Soomro was looted by street criminals also robbers robbed Ali Gul house and took away two lac rupees against what police was reported but police has done nothing in return.

They further said robbers easily rob and run away but police whose work is to secure citizen does not do anything for the arrest criminals. They said that police grip has become weakest against robber, thieves and street criminals who have made Pipri a easy target for their purposes.

They demanded from IG Sindh , ADIG Karachi and other concerned officers to suspend SHO PS Bin Qasim with his staff and deploy good character, active and faithful police officers 

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